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  1. Inhabitants of Alivelumangapuram Nalgonda honouring Gadiga Himabindhu Srinivas as a gesture of honour for their service
  2. Commencement of CC Road works in Alivelumangapuram colony Nalgonda
  3. Suction of drainage water with gulfer machine in 18th ward Nalgonda
  4. Councillor Gadiga Himabindhu Srinivas participated in 2020 Bathukamma Celebrations in Nalgonda
  5. Gadiga Srinivas safety works in 21 october 2020 floods in Nalgonda
  6. Gadiga Himabindhu Srinivas distributed Bathukamma Sarees along with MLA Kancharla Bhupal Reddy
  7. Councillor Gadiga Himabindhu Srinivas participated in Dharna in Nalgonda resenting the atrocities on women
  8. Councillor Gadiga Himabindhu Srinivas Getting removed the pigs from 18th ward Nalgonda
  9. Mr. Gadiga Srinivas removing the carcass of dog from 18th ward Nalgonda
  10. Gadiga Himabindhu Srinivas getting cleaned the road under flyover in 18th ward Nalgonda
  11. Councillor Gadiga Himabindhu Srinivas getting sanitised the Grameena vikas bank in 18th ward nalgonda
  12. Clearing weeds on the either side of roads in 18th ward Nalgonda
  13. Plantation in 18th ward Nalgonda by Gadiga Himabindhu Srinivas as a part of Harithaharam
  14. Srmt. Gadige Himabindhu Srinivas talking about the problems of 18th ward Nalgonda
  15. Flag hoisting by 18th ward councillor Gadiga Himabindhu Srinivas on 15 August 2020
  16. Gadiga Himabindhu Srinivas
  17. nalgonda councillor gadiga himabundhu srinivas distributing eco friendly Ganesh idols
  18. gadiga himabindhu srinivas birthday celebrations by sriram nagar colony people Nalgonda
  19. councillor gadiga himabindhu srinivas got cleared the weeds obstructing the drainage canals in ward number 9 Nalgonda town
  20. Gadiga Himabindhu Srinivas got the Muthyalamma temple painted on the occassion of Bonal festival